RHS Tatton Flower Show 2013

RHS Tatton Flower Show Garden 2013. Silver Medal and People's Choice Garden.

RHS Tatton Flower Show Garden 2013

The Brief:

To create a garden which highlights the use of water in the garden. The space was both usable as an urban retreat and also played its part in creating habitat and making use of one of our most important resources: water. The 'Precious Resources' garden was sponsored by Bradstone and designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes.

The Garden:

At the heart of this design is a working, but ornamental water collection and soak away system which shows how you water can be collected from your roof and provides the life blood for a bog garden which creates a simple soak away system. The products used are visually warm and have a strong textural quality. Buttery yellows have been paired with rich rusty purples making the combination suitable for any property type. This garden is designed as a green sanctuary to relax in, shutting the world out along with being a place to entertain friends. Structures such as walls provide enclosure whilst the exotic planting palette ensures there are enough plants to keep the garden visually exciting and not closed in.