Perennials And Posts

Perennials and Posts. A garden split into three parts: Lawn, Perennial pathways and Oriental Chinese area. The paving is marble along with a large spherical marble water feature. The chunky posts are placed at undulating levels in linear lines and form structure in the garden both in summer and winter and are used to split the garden when placed in borders and have perennial planting around them. There is a terracotta Chinese emporer brought back from Lintong county, Shaanxi province, near Xian, China standing in one half of the garden with appropriate planting and features around him.


Perennials and Posts

The Brief:

To create a modern garden with lots of colour from spring to autumn, with some interest in winter. The garden was to have a seating area for a large family as well as a space to BBQ. Incorporated into the scheme was to be screening for a new shed, a space for a sculpture and a lawn area.

The Garden:

The garden was designed with the patio to the rear to make the most of the sun and a zig-zag path through chunky arches and raised beds full of perennial planting. The opposing side of the space was made into a 'secret garden' using Stipa gigantea to form a translucent hedge across the garden dividing the area into separate spaces. This second area featured a Chinese terracotta Emperor standing amidst oriental planting, with a similarly themed fence and gate backdrop.