Post and Screens

Garden design with perennials and posts used as screens in Lancashire.

Post Screens

The Brief:

To create a straightforward, contemporary garden with all year planting interest.

Screening was required to partly obscure views of the car port at the top of the garden from the seating area adjacent to the house. The garden sloped downhill and required good access to the carport, garage, side gate and house. 

The Garden:

Angular in design, the paved seating area merges into a zig-zag pathway that gradually climbs through the garden without the need for steps or retaining walls. Planting beds encircle two large lawn areas which contain softwood timber post features. The posts were positioned in a way to partially mask sections of the garden and allow tall planting such as grasses to flow in between.

Planting features include spring bulbs, fruit trees and all year interest. Pastel shades of pink, blue and purple throughout spring fade into warmer colours throughout the summer. Grasses and tall flowering perennials were also chosen for their winter structure.