Southport Flower Show ‘Kuro’: Thank You

Southport Flower Show ‘Kuro’: Thank you to all the people involved with the Kuro project. Mick, Matt, Mike and Dan, Sandy, Calum and the rest of the C&W Berry team, Nigel & Gez at Denbigh Timber, Matt & Phil at Gordon Low, Longrake Spar, Ansell Lighting, Peter Raymond, Rick and Pam.


Thank you

There are too many people to thank individually but to all of these people we appreciate greatly your contribution and the garden would either not have been built or become the great project that it eventually became without your involvement.

Mick, Matt, Mike and Dan

Sandy, Calum and the rest of the C&W Berry team.

Nigel & Gez at Denbigh Timber

Matt & Phil at Gordon Low

Longrake Spar

Ansell Lighting


& and course Rick & Pam