Oribe Patio

This garden’s main patio and steps into the house were set in silver granite paving, single size and linear to tie with a more contemporary feel we wanted to achieve. A bed of silver granite gravel with sleek black metal edging flowed directly off this area over what was once badly worn lawn to the planting bed beyond.

A simple granite Orbie style lantern and water basin was then positioned under a mature Acer tree as a focal point to the area. Their presence alone was enough to nod towards a Japanese garden style without being too eccentric. The simple nature and lines of the granite added towards the contemporary feel of the area. Slatted wood panels were fixed onto the existing fence to provide a clean, modern backdrop.

Planting in the lantern and basin area focused on a selection of ornamental woodland and semi shade plants with a limited colour pallet. There was a slight Japanese influence here too with the likes of Hakonechloa macra, Pachysandra terminalis, and Anemone hupehensis amongst others. Towards the patio area and house, a more colourful pallet of perennial planting is found, suited to a sunnier position with purple and silver tones complementing the granite material.


Oribe Patio

The Brief:

To create an oriental style garden using an existing Acer as the main focal point towering above oriental garden features which included an oribe lantern and tetsu bachi (water basin).

The Garden:

The Acer palamtum was retained after placing the lantern and water basin, the shady planting followed to reflect the conditions of the space beneath the tree. Ferns, Hostas and Astilbies used form rather than colour to create interest. The garden has granite gravel which lead back ultimatlely to the granite patio adjacent to the house.

The utility fencing was screened off with slatted screening which both covered the fence up and also led the eye around the garden rather than over it.