Sun And Shade

The Sun and Shade garden is a garden of two halves. The first half sitting in the shade of mature magnolia tree and the house, and the second is in full sun. The spaces are generally split by means of a path from the road to the front door. The planting therefore is appropriate for each area of the garden, with clumps of Hostas, Brunnera, ferns, Epimedium, and Tiarella whilst the other half of the garden has clumps of Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Aster, Heuchera, Sedum and grasses to continue the parade through to the end of summer.


Sun And Shade

The Brief:

To create a front garden with large planted space and incorporate the existing tree and plant the existing rear garden. The garden was to have lots of colour and interest most of the year. Most of all, the front garden was to have ‘kerb appeal’ as the house is located on a busy road with many by passers looking into the space.

The Garden:

The garden was a split between two areas, one in full sun and the other in shade created by the existing Magnolia tree which was to be retained. The split was geographically, made roughly between the path which lead from the gate to the front door of the property.

The key to this planting scheme was planting groups. These started early in the year and as one faded, another set would be replacing it with another quite different display from Hamamelis and Sarcococca in February to Asters and Rudbeckia in September.